WWE’s motion for Summary Judgment in Singleton/LoGrasso Case Denied for now, but more to come….

The court denied WWE’s motion to toss Singleton/LoGrasso case, but the Court requires further briefing on the issue in an effort to uncover the facts. Court ruled: “The case resolves around a single question: ‘Did WWE become aware of and fail to disclose to Singleton and LoGrasso information concerning a link between repeated head trauma … [Read more…]

Wrestlers File Opposition to WWE and Vincent K. McMahon’s Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit

[WWE and Vincent K. McMahon] make the astounding claim that Plaintiffs have not plead “anything unconscionable about the contract”. Defendants apparently feel that deliberate misclassification of employees as “independent contractors” and the resulting sweeping away of an entire array of guaranteed state and federal statutory rights represents no injustice. Requiring a worker to pay for all of his own medical … [Read more…]

Sanctions Hearings: WWE Versus the Legal Team Trying to Help Wrestlers

The court held two marathon hearing as to whether the Plaintiff’s attorneys should be sanctioned in the WWE lawsuits. The arguments were wide-ranging and presentations were made calmly by both sides (for the most part). At the March 9, 2017 hearing Attorney Kyros prepared these introductory remarks- the text is not exactly what was said in court … [Read more…]

WWE Wrestlers Misclassified as Independent Contractors

The Laurinaitis case alleges (among other things) that many wrestlers were misclassified. The argument and allegations are found in the first count of the lawsuit: “the Defendant WWE and VKM as its Chairman and controlling shareholder (individually and/or through the blizzard of trusts he has created) intentionally misclassified the Plaintiffs as “independent contractors”, without basis … [Read more…]

Ohio Court of Appeals Cites to Ruling in Favor of WWE Wrestlers

In an overlooked decision Judge Bryant’s ruling in the Singleton/LoGrasso case that DENIED the WWE’s motion to dismiss the case was cited as an Important precedent in the Ohio Court of Appeals in an important case involving football players at Notre Dame University. The ruling quotes the WWE lawsuit at length in ruling on behalf of … [Read more…]