King Kong Bundy Vs. WWE

Chris Pallies died fighting for his rights and those of his fellow Pro Wrestlers.

I was introduced to Chris Pallies aka King Kong Bundy by Billy Jack Haynes who cautioned me that he was “a unique individual.” And he certainly was- he was blessed with that ‘once in a lifetime’ blend of hard man toughness while managing to be funny, sarcastic and passionate. Always armed with a lawyer joke or old school wrestling story he was truly one of a kind.

Chris was outspoken in defense of what he believed to be the WWE’s mistreatment of professional wrestlers and vividly described the failures he witnessed. He took legal action by joining a group of his contemporaries in trying to effect change to the WWE’s tragic ignorance of the plight of wrestlers like himself who sustained life long injuries in the Ring. Sadly he did not live to see his day in court, in one of our last talks wanted to see a Jury so that he could tell the world the truth about the WWE. His legal case appealed, as yet unheard…

There are many eulogies online that will do a better job describing his wonderful career and the support he enjoyed among his millions of fans. As his advocate I will simply say his strength of character, friendship and support will be missed. R.I.P. my friend Sincerely, Konstantine Kyros

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  1. Donald Driggers

    I (Don Driggers) Met & worked in the ring with Chris on several occasions during my time with the WWF aka WWE this man had a heart of gold always a professional in and out of the ring hard working and was a impressive individual for his size it’s a shame the WWE is letting us legends slowly die from a disease that needs to be addressed miss you Chris its was a pleasure being in the ring with you brother..

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