Konstantine Kyros on WWE Lawsuit: The Cover-Up of CTE Science in Wrestling, Decades of Exploitation & Violation of Employment Laws

Konstantine Kyros on WWE Lawsuit: The Cover-Up of CTE Science in Wrestlers.

Read the FULL PDF of Appealed Lawsuit here: Exposes Decades of WWE Wrestler Mistreatment with details in Wrestlers’ own words.

The lawyer leading the WWE concussion lawsuits, Konstantine Kyros talks about wrestlers diagnosed with CTE and the WWE’s efforts to discredit him and the cover-up of CTE in professional wrestling through WWE’s funding of Chris Nowinski’s Concussion Legacy Foundation. The discussion includes WWE’s Misclassification of wrestlers as independent contractors, lack of health insurance, or even workers’ compensation leading to a full blown health crisis with a staggering death rate.

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  1. Billy Jack Haynes.

    I just read our updated appeals court process Mr. Kyros on your site & I/we fmr WWF/WWE pro wrestlers ty.

    Your the only ATTORNEY in the WORLD since 2014 to represent us & to fight for (RIGHTS) of any kind for us in our past WWF-WWE events. Mr. KYROS both you & Dr. Omalu have proven through post-mortem testing positive CTE on ur client’s! CTE runs rampantly in WWF-WWE & CEO Vince McMahon has refused to test one brain for CTE since 2007 & tries to block your CTE tests saying concussions are exaggerated!

    In death Vince McMahon gives a short eulogy which is disgraceful to all fmr WWF-WWE pro wrestlers, because it’s to cover his ass & not coming from a heart!

    Vince McMahon has yes indeed turned his back on us that stems our lawsuit. We were all called on the HBO Oliver show purely independent contractors & were forced to sign exclusively only to perform for WWF-WWE or be let go of. Mr. KYROS it was you who exposed all this utter FRAUD of CEO Vincent K McMahon!

    We started together our WWF-WWE lawsuit in October 2014 & after now nearing (5 yrs) I had to let the WORLD know how you’ve not once turned your back on your client’s & personally sacrificed so much time, money, travel, dedication & so much LOVE for every fmr WWF-WWE client you personally represent in this CTE lawsuit!

    We all PRAY that never again do fmr WWF-WWE wrestlers living with in the ring concussed CTE have to go through a living HELL & (DIE) in a dementia ward or nursing home like Dynamite Kid or BlackJack Mulligan to name just (2) of the many victim’s of CTE denial.

    Vince McMahon turned his back on us, while you Mr. KYROS have stood back to back with us ALWAYS!. I/we wanted to tell U Mr. Konstantine W. KYROS we LOVE you & thank you so, so much! Godsent U & God Bless U, ty Bill, Billy Jack Haynes.

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