Launch of WWE Concussion Lawsuits

I am starting this as a tool to reach out directly to people interested in the WWE concussion lawsuits that we have filed. As of October 2015, it has been a year since our first case was filed on behalf of Billy Jack Haynes against the WWE. That case along with 5 others is currently pending in Federal Court in Connecticut.

Two of the filed cases are class actions (Haynes case and one headed by three wrestlers Russ McCullough, Ryan Sakoda and Matt Wiese) that seek a declaration of judgment against the WWE and seek medical monitoring for the injured class members. Another case is pending on behalf of two individual wrestlers (Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton) who claim brain injuries from their wrestling careers. The two remaining cases are wrongful death cases filed on behalf of the surviving families of Nelson Frazier, Jr and Matt Osborne. Additionally there is a lawsuit that was filed by the WWE against four wrestlers: Robert Windham (Blackjack Mulligan), Ivan Koloff, Koko B Ware and Thomas Billington (Dynamite Kid). The WWE’s case seeks a declaration that these injured men cannot bring cases at all because it is too late.

The developments in these cases in the coming weeks and months will impact the legal rights of all former and current WWE/WWF/WWWF performers and their families. The purpose of this site is to inform thoese interested in the latest events in the lawsuits as well as communicate with people that may have information to share. We are always interested in speaking to people who worked with wrestlers, worked with WWF, have knowledge of the working conditions and medical care at matches- especially before 2006. Call 1-800-934-2921 or email kon @

Our goal is to help get ongoing healthcare and compensation for wrestlers who sustained brain damage and neurological injuries. There are too many disabled wrestlers for the courts and public to ignore their plight. The moment to act has come for these men and women.

-Konstantine Kyros

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