McDevitt Versus Kyros. Media on WWE Lawsuit: War of Words Belies Tragic Plight of Wrestlers

Here are some of the lowlights:

Dan Haar: Angry judge throws out sweeping WWE concussion lawsuit
Connecticut Post 9/19/2018

“Attorney Kyros has offered the Court no reason to believe that if given a fifth, sixth or seventh chance, he would prosecute this case in a manner consistent with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure,” Bryant wrote Monday. That’s rare language from a judge and on Tuesday, the vitriol from the two sides didn’t stop.

Kyros, reached in his main office in Hingham, Mass., indicated he’d appeal the “truly tragic ruling” to the 2nd U.S. Circuit, and that Bryant missed a main point of his arguments: CTE cases, because they are developing medical conditions, are not subject to the same time limits for filing. “The decision is wrongly decided on a number of factual and legal grounds. The court simply ignored our (statute of limitations) arguments and paid no attention to the 60 detailed personal appeals in affidavits requested by the judge almost a year ago,”

Kyros said in an email Tuesday. “The comments about me personally are inaccurate, and over the top……

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