Outlaw Ron Bass (Ronald Heard) Diagnosed with CTE. Sixth WWE Wrestler Diagnosed with CTE Represented by Kyros Law

Kyros Law Announces that “Outlaw” Ron Bass (Ronald Heard) has been diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). He is the sixth wrestler involved in the WWE concussion lawsuits, in sequence who has been diagnosed with the disease. Ron’s family is hopeful that this CTE diagnosis will help educate wrestlers about the risks of their professional careers and lead to research into medical conditions such as CTE that wrestlers like Ron are at risk for as they get older.

While Ron was alive he sought help from the WWE for his condition. The WWE ridiculed his claims, fought his case, and opened derided the idea that wrestlers get CTE or neurological diseases from their wrestling. The WWE has stated in Court filings that the “The State of CTE Science is Not a Known Fact,” and does nothing to study or help wrestlers with CTE. In an apparent attempt to influence CTE studies away from wrestling, the WWE gives millions of dollars to Chris Nowinski’s Concussion Legacy Foundation which does not actively recruit deceased WWE wrestlers’ brains and has not studied WWE wrestlers’ brains for CTE with the millions in WWE financing it receives. See Mr. Kyros Explaining this apparent corporate misconduct situation here and The Boston Globe Expose of WWE and its relationship to the “for Hire” CTE Activist Chris Nowinski Here.

That task of helping wrestlers with CTE has largely fallen to Kyros Law Offices which has taken the lead in the brain donations of pro wrestlers and coordinated the studies of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Mr. Fuji (Harry Fujiwara), Rex King, (Timothy Smith), Axl Rotten (Brian Knighton), and Balls Mahoney (Jon Rechner) who have all tested positive for CTE despite the WWE’s legal attacks on Mr. Kyros and WWE’s Public Denial of the Science of CTE in wrestlers.

Ron wrestled around the world and entertained millions of fans as a Heel, sporting a black hat, handlebar mustache and a whip named Miss Betsy. By all accounts he was actually a kind soul with wonderful friends and family. Before he died he pledged to donate his brain to help other professional wrestlers in failing health, and fought for the rights of professional wrestlers in his lawsuit against the WWE.

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