Read Ashley Massaro’s First Email to Konstantine Kyros: “I believe WWE has caused major problems, life altering problems and wish more than anything that I never worked for them.”

It has been brought to my attention that WWE is claiming that Ashley “apologized” to them for filing her lawsuit. Since her lawsuit was Appealed, her lawsuit was ongoing and she never withdrew from it, I feel that this assertion is misleading and troubling, especially in the form of the company’s reaction to news of her suicide. To be clear Ashley contacted me for help, we worked to fight for Justice in filing her legal claims against WWE. Her Affidavit filed with Judge Vanessa Bryant in The District Court of Connecticut-can be read separately here.

Here is Ashley’s original email to me seeking representation, she was not “roped in” nor deceived about the claims she was making, on the contrary she was very articulate and passionate about what she believed. Ashley wanted Justice from the beginning to the end.

Ashely Massaro emailed this to Kyros Law” I am a former WWE Diva/wrestler with multiple long term injuries. I was working for WWE from 2005-2008 and was on the road as a main event wrestler working TV’s AND house shows at least 4 days a week for my entire career.

I was thrown in the ring after winning the 2005 diva search with absolutely no training which ultimately caused many injuries. I’ve had multiple documented concussions during my career. I was treated by WWE doctors and after leaving the company I continued to see my own personal doctors for treatment. I found out about this lawsuit through others who are on it. 

I believe I am exactly who you are looking to help. I more than fit the conditions listed on your website. I’ve been plagued by these injuries my entire life after leaving the company. I believe WWE has caused major problems, life altering problems and wish more than anything that I never worked for them. 

Aside from the times I was knocked unconscious and out cold for 5 minutes, I also have a fractured spine, a 5 inch metal plate inserted in my ankle for a spiral fracture that happened at a match on PPV where on camera I was rushed out by EMTs to go to the hospital for treatment. I suffered debilitating back injuries while working for them overseas in the UK and have hospital records for that as well. Vince McMahon himself ordered a cast to be sawed off of my right hand/wrist moments before I was thrown back out into the ring to wrestle on tv even though my cast was not scheduled to come off for another 2 or 3 weeks.

I was beat down, broken, and being almost forced to perform. Since then I see pain management doctors on a monthly basis for 10 years because of the pain and problems that came from my time there. Please feel free to call me or if you get a moment to please google my name and you can at least see some of the injuries I sustained that WWE posted on their officia l website. I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. – Ashley Massaro 8/23/2016 Email to Kyros Law Offices, PC

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