WWE Wins Dismissal of LoGrasso Singleton Case

On March 28, 2018 Judge Bryant’s ruled: “After careful consideration of the evidence in the light most favorable to the Plaintiffs, the Court has determined that the evidence does not support a finding that WWE knew of a risk that repeated head injuries incurred while performing as a professional wrestler could cause permanent degenerative neurological conditions prior to September 5, 2007.”

The court also stated: “LoGrasso’s claim cannot survive summary judgment because undisputed evidence in the record demonstrates that WWE did not know of a potential link between concussions and permanent degenerative disorders until after LoGrasso stopped wrestling.”

This is obviously not the ruling the injured wrestlers hoped for, especially those struggling with long-term head injuries and CTE. The plaintiffs obviously believe that the facts support the opposite conclusion- that the WWE in fact knew about the risks of head injuries at all relevant times and has a duty to help the wrestlers with neurological injuries. As of today however the Court has ruled for WWE (in the LoGrasso/Singleton case). This has been a very hard fought lawsuit with a great team of lawyers fighting for Evan and Vito, our thoughts are with them and all those wrestlers who are struggling with long-term head injuries.

The decision is posted here.

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