WWE Wrestlers Misclassified as Independent Contractors

The Laurinaitis case alleges (among other things) that many wrestlers were misclassified. The argument and allegations are found in the first count of the lawsuit: “the Defendant WWE and VKM as its Chairman and controlling shareholder (individually and/or through the blizzard of trusts he has created) intentionally misclassified the Plaintiffs as “independent contractors”, without basis in law for doing so, and with the specific intention of depriving the Plaintiffs of money due to them which was retained by the Defendants and utilized to advance their business and augment their wealth… The misclassification by WWE was generally achieved by the presentation to the Plaintiffs of boilerplate Booking Contracts permeated with unconscionability.”

Here is a scholarly article on the subject that was published in University of Louisville in 2014:

Employees vs. Independent Contractors and Professional Wrestling: How the WWE Is Taking a Folding-Chair to the Basic Tenents of Employment Law By David Cowley


Read the detailed allegations in the filed WWE Lawsuit here.

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